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Baker’s Dozen – Fun Facts About My Son-In-Law

1)  He was born in Germany. 2)  He has a twin sister.  No, they are not identical! 3)  He has a younger brother, a step sister, and a step brother.  He has one nephew.  And another niece or nephew on … Continue reading

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Three 18-Year-Olds

In our home, we have family celebrations for birthdays.  We never had large, elaborate parties, but have always chosen to share a meal with family.  The birthday girl (or boy, in the case of my husband) gets to choose both … Continue reading

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First Friday

We have a standing date with our oldest daughter and son-in-law on the first Friday of each month which we refer to as “First Friday.”  Aren’t we creative? We started this tradition earlier in the year because we found that … Continue reading

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Recipe for a Mom – Mean Beans

My middle child and her daddy are very close.  The moment this child emerged from the womb (her head, mind you, she wasn’t even fully delivered, sorry for the visual), she started wailing, and she continued to cry loudly through … Continue reading

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My Baby, the Runner

It’s an exciting week in our house.  Our baby, the runner, who is 18, was All Sectional at the Cross Country meet this past weekend.  She will be going to her 3rd State Cross Country meet this weekend along with … Continue reading

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A Band Geek & A Runner

Our two babies are seniors this year and are keeping us very busy.  One is in Marching Band and the other is on the Cross Country team.  As is usual for us for the last 4 years, we had back-to-back … Continue reading

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This is my oldest child

She was born in Massachusetts.  She was an only child for 6 1/2 years.  We don’t think she’s ever forgiven us for having more children.  This is a picture of her on the day she officially left the nest for … Continue reading

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