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I go by various names – Theresa, Mom, Mama, Momo, Mama G. I am a wife, mother, sister, and friend.

I live in the Midwest with my DSH (dear, sweet hubby), Jack, and we have five daughters. Our youngest two, our twins, have finished their fourth year of college, and all five are now grown and flown! We are going from chaos to quiet. Join us on our journey to an empty nest.

Our tagline – Don’t count your chicks until they’ve flown the nest!

I developed my website / blog (www.mamasemptynest.com) to share our journey as empty nesters. It features stories about life and recipes in the categories of Musings, Faith & Family, Food & Home, Health & Wellness, Travel & Entertainment, and our Bucket List.

If you wish to contact me, please email me at mama@mamasemptynest.com.  Also, feel free to “Like” my Facebook Fan Page at Mama’s Empty Nest – Mama or follow me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/mamasemptynest, Twitter @tdepaepe, or Instagram at tdepaepe.

5 Responses to About & Contact Me

  1. Susan Wilken says:

    der…..you flew the nest by 9 years!

  2. Jana Seutter says:

    T – This is awesome! I love your blog. Did you watch Julie & Julia? Thanks for the recipes! I will try the tortelini soup sometime!

    • Mama says:

      Julia Child is the original “food network star” and my culinary hero. She has many wonderful recipes, but I love her pie crust recipe the best. I read both books on which this movie was based and loved the movie, too!

  3. Mike and Rainey Samuelson says:

    Great meeting you and Jack (and Katy, of course) yesterday . “Our” girls are off to a great start on one of the best adventures of their young lives. Love your website! Enjoy your “quiet time”.

    • Mama says:

      Mike and Rainey – Thanks for visiting my site and come back often! We did a Walmart run to stock the fridge and talked to them this morning and they are doing great. We are thrilled with Haiden and thanks for meeting us for dinner. Jack says you seemed nice for being husker fans. 🙂

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