Irish Twins

I am the oldest of 8 children born within 9 years to my mother, Helen, and my father, Chuck.  There were 7 girls and 1 boy (he was #5).  Yea, yea, yea, poor kid.  We’ve heard it all before.

My sister and I are Irish twins which means we were born in the SAME year.  Which means we are the same age for about 7 weeks every year.

Irish twins officially refers to siblings born in the same calendar year.  Especially in the early part of the 20th century, it was a derogatory comment often made about Irish Catholic families who had lots of children.  Well, if the shoe fits and all that.

Here is a picture of us on my Irish twin’s 3rd birthday.  So on this day we were both 3.  Both of us are 3 years old in this picture.  At the same time.  What you don’t see in this picture are my 2 younger sisters.  Yes, 4 kids in less than 4 years.

I’m on the right, and my sister is on the left.  I am taller than she is in this picture, but I wouldn’t be for long.  She was taller than me most of our childhood which meant that most people thought she was the oldest child.  I was proud of being the oldest, and this assumption damaged my psyche.  But don’t tell my sister that.  I wouldn’t want to damage her psyche.

Here is a picture of my Irish twin sister this past summer.  She lives in Minnesota with her husband and 2 dogs, Roxie and Bailey.  Roxie was my oldest daughter’s college dog whom I “saved from certain death.”  That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.  I gave Roxie to my sister and her husband after their beloved dog, Annie, passed away, and David was recovering from losing one of his lungs.  Roxie is the happiest dog on the planet.  The little blonde mop is Bailey.  He has little man syndrome.  But he’s darn cute, isn’t he?

My Irish twin and I are not only close in age but in spirit.  Our oldest children were born 33 days apart.  We haven’t lived together or even near one another since the late 1970s with the exception of about 2 years when we both lived outside Dallas, TX.  Together.  Separately.  We have a cosmic connection, and I just wish we lived closer to one another.

For the record, here is a picture of her husband.  I love this picture of him.  My sister used it as her computer screen saver.

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