I love reading the comics every morning.  I read them first – before the news and other sections including the Food section that comes out once a week.  And, yes, I still get a newspaper delivered every morning.

One of today’s comics, Pearls Before Swine, highlighted a bird kicking a chick out of the nest.

Thankfully, we have never had to kick anyone out of our nest.  In fact, once they have gone away to college, they haven’t really ever come back.  But, that is the goal, I guess, to raise them to be ready to be on their own.  As we get ready to send these last three off to college, my hope is that my husband and I get a chance to spend some time together doing things we haven’t been able to do while raising all of these kids.

Like zip lining through the rain forest in Costa Rica.


Over the last few days, huge swarms of birds have been hanging out in our neighborhood.

After hearing about the dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana over New Year’s, this freaked me out a little.  Do these birds not fly south for the winter?  Why are they swarming?  Why are they so noisy?  There were so many that they looked like a black carpet on the lawns.

I was trying to capture them through the window and when I raised the blind, they flew off.


And if you remember this movie from 1963, having all these birds flying around and making a lot of noise was really scary.

Alfred Hitchcock was the master of the psychological thriller.

I like this bird the best.  My oldest daughter designed it for me.  She put it on an apron for me.  I talked about that here.  It’s a logo for my website / blog.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly where to place it and how to use it.

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