Three Rules for College Kids

My middle child heads back to college today, and, even though she is only about 90 miles away, we probably won’t see her again until April or so.

She’s headed to Galveston for Spring Break, so we won’t see her then.  But she’ll be home over the summer, and for that we are grateful.  By the summer of 2012, she’ll be a college graduate, and who knows where she will be working after that.

I made her some Chocolate Chip Banana Bread to take back to school.

And she’ll be getting some Rice Krispies Treats, too.

She informed me a few months ago, that Rice Krispies Treats were one of her favorite sweet things to eat.  Who knew?

College has been a focus in our house this week.  Not only do we have our middle child going back to school, but we have been laboring over college decisions and FAFSA filings over the past several days with the 3 18-year-olds in our home.

This reminded me of the Three Rules for College Kids.

I worked with a guy named Jim for many years.  He and his wife, Trudy, had three lovely kids who were a few years older than ours.  Their experiences when their kids were teenagers gave me insight into what we would be going through starting in 1996 when our oldest kid turned 13.  Our babies will leave the teenage years in 2012.  We will spend 17 years of our lives having teenagers in our home.  This fact almost makes me speechless.

Jim rattled off his Three Rules for College Kids to me one day, and I thought they were so insightful that I wrote them down.  The simplicity is what really makes them special.

Three Rules for College Kids

1)  Keep God in your life.

2)  Remember your mother and your father.

3)  Have fun, but look before you leap.

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