Christmas Blessings, Part 3

Christmas is a long day in our house.  I talked about our Christmas Blessings, Part 1 and Part 2.

When our kids were little, we decided that we would not drag them out of the house on Christmas Day.  We decided that it would be a time for them to just hang out in their pajamas all day, if they liked, and play with their things.

If anyone wanted to see us, they were welcome to come on by.  So we have always had an open door on Christmas afternoon.  And I don’t cook an elaborate sit-down meal either.  While I do make a dinner, it is easy and served buffet style for people to enjoy at their leisure.

This also means our house usually gets loud and crowded.  And that’s just the way we like it.  I think we had 19 people come and go throughout the day this year.

We had little kids – this is my niece and nephew from Oregon.

True story – my sister is very strict about everything including their diets.  They come home every year for Christmas.  The second Christmas that my nephew came to visit (he was about 22 months old), he was sitting at my breakfast bar next to his father, my brother-in-law, and I offered him a cookie which he promptly ate.  And loved.  And it turned out to be the first cookie he had ever eaten.  My brother-in-law watched the entire transaction knowingly.  Then he ratted me out to my sister.  I was sort of mortified, but I am pleased to report that 1) she still talks to me, and 2) I am known as the Aunt who gets them in trouble with their mother.

Somehow, they managed to escape my house this year without the requisite Santa hat pictures.

This is Big Patrick, my brother, and his significant other, Sanela.

True story – my brother turns 50 in 2011.  My sisters and I are threatening to make him go on a Sisters’ Weekend with us this year to celebrate the fact that he’s turning 50.

True, true story – He has never been married.  This has nothing to do with the fact that he is the only boy with 7 sisters.  Really.  He officially announced that he and Sanela will be getting married in 2011.  The time’s they are a changin’.

Wii games were played most of the day.  Here is my son-in-law playing Guitar Hero.  Did I mention that he is 30?  And did I mention that he is the biggest kid of them all?

Here I am with my brother and two of my sisters.

My brother and my twins.  Katy is his god daughter.

Big Patrick and Little Patrick were very entertaining.

I have a whole series of shots of them acting goofy.

Little Patrick brought his cute girlfriend, Amanda, to our house to participate in the craziness.  Of which he is a big part.

Here is my brother with his family.

My mantle.  Isn’t it pretty?

My nephew, Little Patrick, was playing with my mind.  He re-ordered the letters on the mantle to read S A T A N.  Funny guy.  He thought I wouldn’t notice.  It only took me about 10 minutes.

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