Baker’s Dozen – New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make New Year’s Resolutions.  And, like most people, they don’t last too long.  I think it’s still important to make them so I continue doing it.  The list looks eerily similar year to year.

1)  Be nicer to people especially to my husband, children, and family since they are usually the first people to feel the brunt of my bad moods.

2)  Exercise more.  Make sure to work on my good health.  You know – get an annual physical, floss, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3)  Swear less, i.e. use nice words rather than words that aren’t nice.  Don’t call people names.  Treat people like you taught your children to treat others when they were little.

4)  Work on the Bucket List.  Add things and actually do some, too, so you can take some off and add more next year.

5)  Read more.  My reading list is actually on my Bucket List.

6)  I read an NPR article about a guy who wrote thank you notes every day for a year.  I like the concept of thanking someone every day so I am committing to doing that.  I’m allowing myself the option of doing it via IM, text, email, hand written note, and verbally though.  This will be one of my ways of Paying it Forward this year.

7)  Repair, powerwash, and stain the deck.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

8)  Finish re-finishing the bathroom cabinets upstairs.  Sounds like more fun to me, too.

9)  Finish, okay maybe not finish, but continue working on getting the rest of the slides and pictures digitized.  Do a few everyday.

10)  Help the kids get ready for college.

11)  Visit my sisters in Arizona, Oregon, and Minnesota.  This one’s a little self serving, I know.

12)  Help my brother plan a trip with his sisters for his 50th birthday.

13)  Do something (anything) romantic with my husband.  This means no kids will be involved or cell phones or chores or anything else distracting.

My husband is going to have to be involved in most of these activities with me so perhaps I should share the list with him.

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