Christmas Blessings, Part 2

As I mentioned in my first Christmas Blessings post, our house on Christmas is loud and chaotic.

It doesn’t start that way.  There was a time when our kids woke us up on Christmas morning.  But no more.  We all sleep in, but my husband and I still manage to get up, dressed, and moving a few hours before the kids.

Angel the dog waits patiently for the kids to get up on Christmas morning.

We had a rule that no one could come downstairs until everyone was ready to come down.  My husband and I laughed as we listened to the four girls get up and encourage one another to “hurry up, hurry up, let’s see what Santa brought!” because they still wait for one another to all get ready before coming downstairs.

The first thing that they do is get into their stockings.

The stockings always include the same things.  Lifesavers Gummy Bears, Softlips lip balm, Altoids, gum, and thank you note cards.  But, it’s exciting to tear into them anyway!

Then the adult children arrive, and everyone sits down for breakfast.  We ate hours earlier.

The college kid is starting to get clothes to wear after she graduates.

The little girls still get PJ’s.  This one got Sponge Bob.

This one got Sock Monkey.

And this one got Animal.

We don’t really go overboard on gift buying, but the kids really love to buy for one another, and they still get excited opening everything.

My oldest daughter still asks for toys.  She loves Potato Head.

And couldn’t wait to open the package and make these.

Her husband, who turned 30 this year, is the biggest kid of them all.

The two college kids (and future engineers) exchanged their gifts to each other.

My husband and I modeled some of our new attire.  He raked in the sports themed stuff this year, and my oldest daughter designed a logo for my website / blog and imprinted it onto an apron for me.

The final part of the festivities involves playing Rob Your Neighbor.  This year’s theme was Disaster Preparedness because, as my oldest daughter said, “What says the holidays better than preparing for a disaster?”

Christmas Blessings, Part 3 – coming soon.  We are invaded by relatives and friends for a truly loud and chaotic time!

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