Winter 2010 – One for the Record Books

It has only been Winter for a little more than a week, and we are already tired of the snow.  And, compared to the rest of the country, we ain’t had nothin’.

We did have a white Christmas which was way more appealing when the kids were little and not driving around in it.

Our first snowfall was in mid-December, and I talked about that here because we ended up having to repair the teenagers’ car which I talked about here.

But, my sister and her husband live in Minnesota which is used to having a lot of snow in the Winter.  But, they weren’t expecting the 17″ snowfall of mid-December to take down the Metrodome either.

As of December 27, they had accumulated a total of 33.4 inches of snow, which is now the record for the most snowfall in the month, and they are expecting more before the end of the week.

This is what the 17″ of snow looked like on their street on December 12.

This is what 33+ inches of snow looks like on their street as of December 27.

And this.  To fully understand the volume of snow, you have to realize that their home sits up on a hill.

And this.

My husband barely made it out of Buffalo a few weeks ago.  I have friends who are in Florida this week, and they are wearing winter coats because it is in the 20s there.  My nephew was on his way back to the war zone and got stranded in Washington, DC.

We are only a little more than one week into Winter, and we are already tired of it.  Maybe, the weather will be unseasonably warm in January and February.  Or not.  A trip to Arizona is looking more and more appealing.  My sister there is complaining about the 73° weather and having to “shovel sunshine.”

Perspective.  It’s all about perspective.

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