Christmas Blessings, Part 1

Well, it wouldn’t be the holidays if I didn’t get aggravated at my family at least once.  I’ve been really good so far – it took until today (well, last night really but no one knew until this morning) for me to get a little, shall I say, pissy?

The holidays are a lot of work, and I have downsized that work quite a bit over the years.  I try to do the things that I love the most – cook and bake and not do the things that I love the least – shop.  But, the holidays still entail extra work on top of the normal cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other things it takes to run a home (like replacing garage doors and fixing 2 toilets both of which had to be done in the past week).

Then I read a post on Facebook from a friend from high school.  She had waited until Christmas Day to put up her tree because her kids and grandkids weren’t due in from Oklahoma until the day after Christmas.  Her daughter calls her and asks what she’s doing, and she says putting up the tree.  She asks if she needs help because they were sitting right outside her door!

Of course, that was just what I needed to remind me that we should be grateful for our blessings!  Even if they entail a lot of extra work.  Extra work that isn’t always acknowledged, understood, or appreciated.  That’s what it means to be a mom, I think.  At the end of the day, they don’t need to know about all of that because they will experience it all on their own some day.

My husband and kids do show their love by the thoughtful gifts that they give to me.  I am not so good about gift giving.  I hate to shop so I show my love by taking good care of them – cooking, baking, cleaning, and laundry are my skill set.

My daughter, Katy, works in an art studio and made this plate for me.

My husband and I are the 2 birds on the branch with 6 little birds flying away.

The back of the plate included words from one of our favorite stories that we read together when she was little.

My oldest daughter designed a logo for me and my website and put it onto an apron for me.

Notice the Mama bird is lounging in her empty nest with her glasses on and a glass of wine in her hand.  This is mostly accurate except for the lounging part.

I also received some books that I wanted, some new earrings, and a new dutch oven.  My newest kid, Sam, gave me a lovely necklace that was engraved with:

Mom –
You walked in
Front of me when
I needed to Follow
Behind me when I
Needed encouragement
And beside me
When I needed a

Sam has lived with us for a little over 2 months now, and it touches my heart that she has fit in so well with us.  The rest of the girls treat her like a sister, and my husband and I treat her like one of our own.  She is a special kid.

One of the things that I like to do when I am aggravated at my kids is to look at them while they are sleeping.  They are so angelic when they are sleeping, and I can often get in a little kiss and whisper in their ears that I love them.

My husband – I’m just going to make him turn off his cell phone and take me to the movies today.

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