What’s Cookin’ – Noir Bars

Chocolate and coffee – a winning combination.  I ran across this recipe for Noir Bars on one of the food blogs that I regularly visit.  Since it combines two of my favorite things, I decided to try them.

Whenever a recipe calls for coffee, I always use Medaglia D’Oro instant espresso coffee.  It imparts a more subtle coffee flavor with no bitterness that can sometimes be caused by regularly brewed coffee.  Trust me on this.

The other thing that I do when making brownies, pan cookies, or similar baked goods is that I grease my 9″ x 13″ pan and then line it with waxed paper that is cut to fit and overlap at the long ends.  Then grease the wax paper.  It will look like this:

The Noir Bars have three layers.  The first layer, the cookie base, is the only baked layer.  Here is what it looks like pressed into the pan before baking.

And here it is after baking.

After cooling, the second layer, a cheesecake like filling, is added and refrigerated for a few hours.  The final layer, the topping, is a chocolate ganache.

After the final refrigeration, you slide a sharp knife along the outside edge of the long side of the pan.  Then you can gently lift the entire dessert out of the pan.  Take a long sharp knife and now you can easily cut your dessert into the desired sizes without mangling any pieces.  You can even gently lift the entire dessert, after cutting, back into the pan if you like.

 These were heavenly and are in my “recipes to keep and make again” box.

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