The Weather Outside is Frightful

Today, I am grateful that I can buy my favorite, everyday coffee in bulk from Sam’s for the same price as the grocery store brand with the weepy commercials.

I love this coffee not only because of its “dark cocoa, roasty sweet tasting notes” but because it is BOLD.  It’s the kinda woman I am.

I made an extra large pot this morning.  Because we are having a Winter snowstorm complete with strong winds, very cold temperatures and 2 1/2 inches of snow.  And it’s not even Winter yet.

We live in the central Midwest, NOT the North.  The bitter cold and powdery snow is unusual for us.  Especially this early in the season.

It’s not often we can sweep the snow here!  Our snow is usually wet and heavy.

Yesterday, my husband raked the leaves from our front yard, and today it looked like this.

Our neighbors must hate us because we have two trees in front that still haven’t dropped all of their leaves.  Our leaves have been blowing all over their (previously) leaf-free lawns since October.

But, it could always be worse.  My sister lives in Eagan, Minnesota, where they had 17″ of snow yesterday, and the roof of the Metrodome collapsed.  And tomorrow, they are going to have a balmy HIGH of 1° before the wind chill.  The low is supposed to be -15°.  Ouch.

I’ll take the beach.  Maybe I’m not so bold after all.

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