What’s Cookin’ – Cookies for the Holidays

I’ve been baking a lot of cookies for the holidays this week.  I made up three trays for a holiday fund raiser for our kids’ senior class celebration.  I made some Cathedral Cookies, some Peanut Butter Rocky Road, some Chinese New Year Cookies, and I made some of these. . .

The Pioneer Woman featured this recipe for Cleta Bailey’s Toffee Squares recently on her cooking blog, Tasty Kitchen.  I used milk chocolate chips and finely chopped pecans as stated in the original recipe.

I was interested in this recipe because 1) it looked easy, 2) I had all of the ingredients on hand, and 3) PW ran across the recipe in an old church cookbook.  I love recipes from old church cookbooks, and I knew this one was a winner when 1) my husband kept snitching them from the cookie tray, and 2) my babies all of a sudden decided they needed to bring cookies to school to share in one of their classes.

So I had to make another batch, but this time I used semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I had used the last of my milk chocolate chips on the original batch.  And, instead of finely chopped pecans, I used some crushed chocolate candy canes.

My notes on this recipe:  I used a 9 x 13 jelly roll pan, and I greased it.  I also scored them while they were still warm.  You will see that I made them into triangles rather than squares.  These are rich enough to make into smaller portions.  Yummy!

The last cookie that I made this week is one of my favorite new cookie recipes this year – Homemade Oreos.  I mentioned them in my blog post here.

Here’s a regular batch.  I made a batch for a baked goods silent auction earlier this year and, they were a hit.  I’ve also made several batches for my family.

I colored the fillings for the batch I made for the holiday fund raiser.  I’ll also be making some to share with my family for our annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day.

There’s lots more holiday baking going on around here!  What’s cookin’ in your kitchens for the holidays?

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