Baker’s Dozen – Fun Facts About My Son-In-Law

1)  He was born in Germany.

2)  He has a twin sister.  No, they are not identical!

3)  He has a younger brother, a step sister, and a step brother.  He has one nephew.  And another niece or nephew on the way!

4)  He loves movies.  He worked at a theatre as a teenager.  He used to dress up in costumes to go to the movies.  There’s evidence.

5)  As a young adult, he lived in Ireland and in Germany.  He loves to travel.  He brought me coffee from Nicaragua summer before last, and it was the best coffee I have ever had.

6)  He loves to cook.  The Kalua Pulled Pork recipe that I posted came from him.  His favorite foods are chicken wings and popcorn.  He likes to make baked chicken wings with a spicy dry rub, and he has his own spicy popcorn recipe.  His secret ingredient is Cayenne Pepper.  He uses it in everything.  EVERYTHING.

7)  He loves salt and puts salt in everything.  EVERYTHING.  When he was growing up, his brother once hid all of the salt in the house because he saw a TV special on the dangers of salt and didn’t want his big brother to die.

8)  He has a beautiful wife who happens to be my oldest daughter.

9)  They got married over in Hawaii.

10)  He would like to brew some hand crafted beer someday.

11)  He loves to play board games, video games, and collect movies.

12)  He is very well read and is very good quoting facts and figures about politics.

13)  He is a mean old 7th grade communication arts teacher.

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