What’s Cookin’ – My Favorite Comfort Meal

When we were first married, I asked my husband to tell me what he would consider his all-time least favorite meal.  His answer, “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas.”  Ouch.

That is exactly my most favorite comfort food meal.  The result is that I only make it about once a year.  And each time I make a meatloaf I try a different recipe in hopes that I will find one that will make him change his mind.  Mind you, he still eats it, but it haunts me (just a little) that I’m making him eat something he doesn’t like.

The recipe I tried this year is very good, has only a few ingredients, and makes my favorite comfort food meal leftover – meatloaf sandwiches.

The complete step-by-step can be found on The Pioneer Woman Cooks here and is also featured in her cookbook.

Here is the meatloaf prior to baking.  There is bacon under that sauce!  Ignore the ugly pan.

And here it is cooked.  The bacon does not get crispy, but rather it kind of melds into the meat.  Interesting and tasty.  Ignore the ugly pan again.

And here it is ready to eat.  The peas look a little wrinkly but mixed with the potatoes and meatloaf they were heavenly.  The meatloaf was dense and especially flavorful (considering there are very few ingredients) with a touch of sweetness.  Jack slathered his piece with extra sauce – maybe to mask that it was meatloaf, I’m not sure, but he had two servings and took leftovers to work for lunch.

And here it is the next day.  Cold with a little mustard on toast.  Yummy.

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