Trivia Night Heroes

We recently attended a Trivia Night fundraiser for an organization that I have been an active member of for over 18 years.

I sat at a table with 3 other couples who weren’t from this organization but, rather, were friends from high school.  These are people I have known for around 40 years.  As I thought about the many friends I had in that room, it occurred to me that we all know many heroes.

In that room, there was a young woman with 4-year old twins who is battling breast cancer – for the second time.  There was a woman who lost a husband to suicide when her children were very young.  There was a woman who has lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for some time now.  I’m sure none of these woman would consider themselves heroes – but they are.

The point is that there are everyday heroes around us wherever we go, and we should not be so quick to judge because we may never know what has happened in a person’s life.

These women are my high school friends and everyday heroes, too.

I held their girls when they were babies, and they are beautiful, grown women today.

Her husband died, unexpectedly, on a trip home from vacation, and she was left to raise her 2 children without him.  The tributes to him at her son’s wedding were funny and touching.

This friend has one kidney – because she saved her sister’s life by donating the other one to her.

We are all either empty nesters or approaching empty nests.  After all these years of friendship, it is natural that we have shared some happy and some challenging times.

But, as we laughed together and argued about trivia answers and kidded each other, the mutual love and respect lay quietly beneath the surface.

We have had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far, and we have so much for which to be thankful.  One of the many things that I am thankful for is all of the people in my life who are everyday heroes!

Postscript – Hey, and we didn’t do too badly at trivia either.  We did not “win”  – the “winners” had 88 out of 100 correct answers, but we came it at a respectable 77 out of 100 correct answers.

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