Big Patrick and Little Patrick

We have a lot of girls in our family.  My brother is the only boy in our family with 7 sisters.  Among the children of my siblings, there are 4 boy and 8 girl cousins.

About my brother, everyone used to say, “that poor boy.”  Personally, I think we spoiled him rotten.  But, I also think that our father was harder on him than on anyone else.  When he graduated from high school, he enlisted in the Navy and spent many years away from our Midwestern home.  But, a few years back, he moved back to the Midwest, and we have really loved having him around.

The third grandchild on my side was a boy.  My sister named him after our brother.  At that point, there were only 2 boys among all of the girls, and they were both named Patrick.  Not Pat.  Pat is a girl’s name.  It’s always been Patrick.  There was Big Patrick and Little Patrick.

This worked out fine when Little Patrick was little.  But now Little Patrick is a grown man.  But he is still Little Patrick – even though he is now bigger than Big Patrick.  It’s all very confusing to outsiders.

Here’s Big Patrick.  He loves to fish and hunt.  He was in the Navy.  He’s never been married.  I don’t think that has anything to do with him having so many sisters.

Here’s Little Patrick.  He was a cute little kid although he could be a little bit goofy sometimes.  He loves music and is the drummer in a band.  He’s hip, cool, and groovy.

When we talk about Patrick, we always say either Big Patrick or Little Patrick.  And they are both good sports around all of the women in their lives.

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