What’s Cookin’ – Okinawan Takoraisu (Taco Rice)

My love for all things taco is well documented.  That is why when I saw a recipe for Okinawan Takoraisu (or Taco Rice) on the Tasty Kitchen website, I knew I had to try it.

But first I called my sister who has had Japanese student interns come into her home for quite a few years now.  She had never heard of this version of tacos either.

You can visit the link to see the step-by-step and to print the recipe, but here are a few comments.

1) I always drain the meat after browning.

2) I did not have sushi rice, and I do not have a rice cooker.  I used Basmati rice, and it worked fine.  I think you could use any rice you have on hand, too, regular long grain white rice or brown rice might be nice, too.

2) The local grocery did not have queso blanco in stock so I used Montery Jack cheese.  I just did not think Mozzarella Cheese was a good second choice.

3) I used Ree Drummond’s Restaurant Style Salsa.  This is a great everyday salsa that is cheap and easy to make.  I just will not buy it in the store anymore.

4) The meat seasonings were really interesting – soy sauce, chili powder, and cumin, but they worked.  I can only describe it as tasting Japanese AND Mexican.

5) These are really yummy and you should make some today.

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