This is my oldest child

She was born in Massachusetts.  She was an only child for 6 1/2 years.  We don’t think she’s ever forgiven us for having more children.  This is a picture of her on the day she officially left the nest for good – November 25, 2005.

She was leaving our home (which at the time was in Coppell, TX) and moving to Kansas City, MO.  Two days later, she would meet her future husband and our future son-in-law.  They were married On March 17, 2008 (St. Patrick’s day), in Hawaii.

They bought a house down the street from the one I grew up in outside of St. Louis, MO, and we live about 17 miles away.  Their sisters are nagging them to “start making babies.”

Grandma.  Gulp.

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