Happy 50th Birthday, Sis!

One of my sisters has a milestone birthday today which we celebrated last month.  See my post about it here in Seattle – The Birthday Girl.  She lives way across the country in Oregon with her husband and 2 children.  We don’t get to see each other very often, but we get to see her 3 times this year!

She was a cute, happy, and fat baby.  Her nickname was “Mary Fats.”  Today, she is far from fat.  In fact, she looks great!

She came “home” last September for a family wedding on her in-law’s side, but we got together for a family dinner.  Here are 4 of the 8 of us siblings together.

Here she is at our Sisters’ Weekend in Seattle in October.

And she’ll be “home” again over the Christmas holidays.  They come “home” every year at Christmas and for that we are grateful!

Mary moved to southern California a number of years ago, and then she moved to Oregon a few short weeks before her oldest child was born.  I talked about that here.

She has always been there for me.  She is a good listener, and she helped us out by taking care of our oldest daughter while I was in the hospital delivering our middle child.  She is a god mother to that kid.

She takes good care of her family, and she loves to travel.  She is an active volunteer in her childrens’ schools and has managed the Japanese intern program for a number of years (her kids attended a Japanese immersion school).  Her family loves to camp and go to National Parks and other historic sites.  She has been an avid photography buff for a long time.  We tease her about her obsession with getting pics in front of every historic marker and sign on every trip we take!  She’s just a great woman, wife, mother, and sister, and I’m sure we don’t tell her that enough!

Happy Birthday, Sis!  We love you!

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