What’s in Your Wallet (Pantry)?

I think the Capital One barbarian commercials are hilarious.  I love the babysitter one - I can relate to that poor girl’s experiences babysitting little heathens!  I don’t have one of their credit cards, and we do not bank with them, and I’ve read the criticisms that these commercials are tasteless and inaccurate, too.  But, I still think they are funny.

Every time I go into my pantry, I think of these commercials.  Why?  Because the little voice inside my head always says, “What’s in your pantry?” whenever I open the door, and I chuckle thinking of these commercials.  (For the record, the little voice talks to me all the time).

Flour – all-purpose, rice, cake, bread, self-rising, whole wheat, vital wheat gluten

Sugar – granulated, light brown, dark brown, powdered, Baker’s ultrafine, Splenda, Sweet N Low, Equal

Pasta – every imaginable shape and size including gluten free and dark chocolate linquini

Salt – regular, Kosher, sea, Artisan Hawaiian, seasoned, and many flavored varieties

Cocoas / chocolates, syrups / molasses, vinegars, oils, herbs / spices

See the paper bags?  The last of the herbs from my garden are drying in them.  My friend, Pam, who came over for dinner on Saturday, made fun of these when she saw them.  I guess she never heard of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”  This was the first room that we redid when we bought this house.  We added extra deep, wired pantry shelving to maximize the space.  Yes, I’m really short and that footstool is used often.  And, yes, you will find school lunch stuff and boxed brownie mix, too.

My pantry – a testament to my love of cooking.  Now, whenever I ask someone to get me something out of the pantry, the first question is, “What one?”  And I chuckle.

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