What I’ve Been Cookin’ This Week

It’s been a busy week with kids comin’ and goin’.  One left for an out of town field trip yesterday, and one left this morning.  We are taking the third one to catch up with the second one after the Cross Country banquet tonight.  Basically, we have kids all over the state this week.  Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up!

Last Sunday, we did get to all eat together, and we had a lovely Kalua pulled pork dinner which I will be sharing with you in my Sunday posting.  But I did make something last Sunday that I have never made before – Chocolate Mousse.

I used the recipe out of the Joy of Cooking cookbook and used espresso rather than liqueur.  I also made some “real” whipped cream to dollop on top of the mousse.

Super yummy!

I made some Oreo Cheesecake Cookies from a recipe posted on one of my favorite food blogs, Tasty Kitchen.  The recipe does not include any eggs or leavening agents which I found interesting.  They were yummy, too!

I also made a quick dinner of pancakes and bacon one night.  My kids like their pancakes with chocolate chips.  They’re funny like that.

So, I’m getting a taste of cooking for a few this week.  It’s not easy.  By late Saturday night, everyone should be back home, and I’ll be cookin’ for a crew again.  That brings a smile to my face.

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