Bedroom #2 Makeover at the Quirky Old Home

I finally finished the last room I had left to paint and decorate upstairs in our quirky old home.

This room belongs to my daughter who spent a semester studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I wanted to do something to personalize her space and make it special.

Jacci's Room (7)

So I surprised her by stenciling this quote onto her wall above her bed. I don’t know Spanish well enough to come up with something on my own, so her bi-lingual friend who she met in Argentina suggested this.

Jacci's Room (5) cropped

Basically, it means wherever you travel becomes a part of you. (At least I hope that’s what it means!) Since this trip was a life changing event in my daughter’s life, I thought it was appropriate.

Jacci's Room (10)

I replaced her furniture with various antiques and other older furniture including this dresser which is identical to the one in her twin sister’s room with a slightly different finish and mirror.

Jacci's Room (8)

This little secretary looks cute in the corner along with a refinished dining room chair.

Jacci's Room (9)

This was the hardest room I have ever painted. There are two dormers, multiple doorways and closets as well as extra trim. I had to paint both the ceiling and the trim so the entire painting part of the project took me about 7 days to complete. DSH removed the paint from the hinges and latch on the dormer closet and cleaned the wood floor.

Jacci's Room (15)

The paint color is a heritage color called Mackinac blue, but is really more green than blue. The former color was that 80s era pinkish mauve color.

We also checked and replaced all of the electrical outlets and switches. Our home has a mix of aluminum and copper wiring and not all of the fixtures that include aluminum have the correct outlets installed. One of the outlets that was wired incorrectly had actually melted inside the metal box. Scary. Changing these all out to white really made a big aesthetic difference, too.

I can’t help but go up to this room and just stare at it. The overall transformation is just amazing.

The first dormer holds a quilt rack along with quilts made by my mother-in-law which I am so happy to be able to finally display.

The second dormer includes a bookcase as well as my daughter’s pictures, bean bag chair, and special stuffed animals from high school.

Jacci's Room (11)

I purchased the same toile bedspread (along with curtains) that I used in her twin sister’s bedroom only in red rather than gray / black. Then I found this repainted table in the same red as the trim.

Jacci's Room (14)

Here is a shot of the bed and window with matching curtains as well as an old picture my sister had of “three little girls” and the second chair. I added a modern, white shag rug to the floor so the effect is one of old and new.

I am so glad I finally got this room done. And my daughter loves her new room, too, even if it’s “a little too floral” for her taste. Bonus – She even gave me a big hug and thanked me for doing this for her even though she will probably be moving into her own space after graduation next May.

And double bonus! When I went upstairs after the girls left to go back to school after Thanksgiving break, I found that both rooms were cleaned and the beds were even made!

We will eventually work on the two storage closets on this floor, but I am going to concentrate on the main floor and the game room attached to the garage next.

Stay tuned!

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