Bedroom Makeover at the Quirky Old Home

Once the weather turned, we started focusing our attention on redoing the rooms inside our new Quirky Old Home.

For me, the hardest part of redoing rooms in a new home is spending enough time living in it to be able to pick colors and arrange furniture and pick accessories that feel right.  Normally, it takes me awhile to find inspiration.

My goal is to reuse and repurpose as much as possible.  When I have to buy, I try to buy used.

My next goal is to get the house in the shape that I want it before the good weather returns when I will want to be back outside and down at the lake cottage.

DSH and I also take the opportunity when we redo a room to make sure everything is fixed and working properly.  He had to work on the fan to get it balanced so it didn’t whine when it ran.  He checked the air return and found that the inside was blocked with foam insulation.  After he removed it, the air worked much better.  We checked all of the electrical outlets, fixed the window with the broken seal and track, and fixed the closet doors so that they didn’t keep coming off the tracks.  I scrubbed the floor, the baseboards, the trim, the shelves, and the windows and screens.

Katy's Bedroom Before

Here is the real estate picture of one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Our daughter, Katy, picked this room to be hers.  Her twin sister was studying abroad so she got first pick.

The nice thing about both upstairs bedrooms, however, is that they aren’t the plain, boring rectangular rooms like those found in most builder subdivision homes.  They have angles and nooks and crannies and visual interest.  And even though the overall house is much smaller, these bedrooms are larger and a whole lot more interesting than their old ones.

So, the first thing that happened is that Katy’s furniture from the old house would not fit up the narrow stairwell.  Sigh.

Katy's Bedroom #1 Inspiration

So, I sold it and got new stuff.  And by new stuff, I mean “old” “used” new stuff.  I took her twin bed mattresses and bought a universal bed frame from Amazon and “made” a king sized bed (in width not length).  My sister had a mattress overlay that makes it a very comfortable bed.  The bed fits perfectly in the space.

I found an iron bed on Craigslist for a whole lot less money than a new one.  There are corner pieces that fit on the foot of the bed that DSH still has to attach on the universal bed frame since we aren’t using the frame that came with the headboard.

I found the king-sized French Toile bedspread at JC Penney for a very reasonable price (just about $100), and it’s reversible.  Katy’s sorority colors and symbols gave me inspiration for the rest of the space.  Notice the light tan walls.  Bland and boring.

Katy's Bedroom #3 After

Katy’s sorority colors are purple so I did an accent wall in that color and painted the rest of the room a much paler lavender.  These colors not only make sense for her, but they seem to fit in this older home.  And I think they look lovely with the black and white bed frame and bedspread and white trim.  I can’t wait until she gets home from school and puts her pillow and cover back on the bed.

Katy's Bedroom #4

The built-in bookcase wall.  I took the curtain rods from the front room that were left by the former homeowner, and I spray painted them in aged bronze.  The sheers were from our old house.  I did replace the old and yellowing metal mini-blinds with new wooden ones.

Katy's Bedroom #5

The wall with the shelf and hooks holds her compound bow and other treasures.  I reused an old lamp that I had from the old house and found the little antique table at a local shop for about $30.

Katy's Bedroom #6

This corner includes a rocking chair my sister no longer used as well as the sampler she made for Katy when she was born.  It is so cool that the frame is also a lavender color that matches her room!  Her sorority bulletin board with the accent color fits here perfectly.

Katy's Bedroom #2

I used a skull and crossbones ribbon that I found at Michael’s at Halloween as tie backs.  The ribbon cost me $1.40 for the roll.  The skull and crossbones is a sorority symbol.  I was going to find some black and white costume jewelry as tiebacks (saw that on Pinterest), but these will do just fine for now.

Katy's Bedroom #7

Here is the antique dresser that I found on Craigslist.  It is the most expensive piece in the room, but I love the curves and femininity of it.  I found the mirror for $39 at the local antique mall and love the shabby chic redo.  In the corner are the iron posts that go on the bed (once we figure out how to get them attached).

So, the bed frame, ribbon, bedspread, and mini-blinds were the only brand new items in the entire room.  Everything else was reused, repurposed, or was previously used and loved.

I’m happy to report that Katy loves it, too.  I wanted to surprise her, but I was so excited about the transformation that I kept sending her pictures as I was working on it.  So much for surprises.

Wait until you see what I did with the stairwells and upstairs bathroom!  I’ve been busy and can’t wait to share!

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