Quirky Old Home Projects

The end of May we bought a new “old” home in the historic district of a small city.

Houston Home (1)

As you might expect, there are a number of projects to be completed to make this home our own.  Some of the projects are necessary to bring the home up to current standards.  Like moving the electrical panel from over the bathtub in the main floor bathroom to a safer spot.  I talked about that project here.

DSH is in the process of repairing the hole left in the bathroom where the electrical panel was removed.

After that project was completed, I went to Minnesota to help my sister while her husband was in hospice care until his death in mid-July.  By the time I came home I had spent more nights away from our new home than I had spent in it.

I’m playing catch up now.

Catch up on getting the place cleaned and organized.  Catch up on selling off furniture that doesn’t fit. Catch up on buying stuff to make the new space fit our needs.

Our To Do List is 8 pages long.  8 pages.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve met with a guy from the company that designed and built the original kitchen cabinets.  We need to do some re-configuration to make it more functional. There is limited counter space.  The cabinet over the refrigerator does not open due to poor design.  The lighting is TERRIBLE.  And I have to replace the outdated electric range and oven and the ancient refrigerator and dishwasher.  Every house we have ever bought has resulted in work on the kitchen.

I’ve met with a carpenter, skilled in working on older homes, to get a door installed on our bedroom.  You heard that correctly.  There is no door on our bedroom.  This is seriously impacting my love life.

I’ve met with a glass and window repair company repairman who is going to replace the windows with broken seals and rework the mechanisms on the windows that are not working.

We had some furniture that did not fit up the narrow stairwell so I sold it.  In its place, I purchased a universal bed frame from Amazon to hold the two twin beds making it an oversized “almost” king bed. I found an iron frame on Craigslist and a black and white toile bedspread from JC Penney.

New bed

I love how this looks, don’t you?


I found a re-finished antique dresser on Craigslist to add to the charm of the room.

The room is still messy and needs organization, but I’m thinking of painting it a pale lavender.  It will go with my daughter’s sorority colors, and I think it will make the space feminine and go with the historic character of the space.

If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be considering painting a room any shade of purple, I would have said, “Never!”  When will I ever learn to never say never?

One of the hardest things on my to do list is to pick new color schemes for the various rooms throughout the house.  I feel that this takes time and getting used to the space.  Fortunately, my friend, Laura, who is a designer, has agreed to help me with this.

I see lots of painting in my future.

The place where we spend most of our time is the sunroom which is a space that was added onto the rear of the home.  It is just off the kitchen and it is where we have our dining table and our family room.

It is a bright and airy room that is surrounded on three sides with windows overlooking the backyard.

In the corner there is a fireplace unit with a cubby space above that appears to have been originally built to house an old tube style TV.  The former homeowners had installed their flat screen TV over the mantle, and that is what we intend to do, too.

However, I just did not like the look of this spot.  It was not continuous with the rest of the room.  The mantle disappeared with the wood surrounding it and the old cubby hole was unattractive.  I talked to my friend, Laura, about it, and she agreed – paint the cubby a satin black so that it will disappear behind the TV once it is installed, paint the wall space the same color as the surrounding walls and paint the mantle to match the trim since there is no other wood trim exposed in the space.

Fireplace project collage

I think it looks much better, don’t you?

Front door

Here is our front door.  It is white.  I do not like white front doors.  How boring.  Every house we have owned, I have painted the front door a shade of red.

Here is what having red front door might mean (according to a study) - Red is regarded as a powerful “punch” color, red is the color of passion. By painting the front door red, the homeowner is saying that the home within is a vibrant place, full of life, energy, and excitement.

Yep.  That’s about right.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid using red with a yellow house will always make me think of ketchup and mustard.  Ketchup and mustard.  Nope.  Don’t like that look for a house.

I also don’t like the green porch.  That particular shade of green just looks dated to me.

And our roof is dark brown.

So, I’m struggling with what color to paint my front door.  Painting my front door is important to me.  It is usually one of the first things I have done in every house we have owned.

Painting the front door, where you welcome guests, is the one small, personal thing that you change that says this is now our home.

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