Age Is Only A Number

Age is only a number.  This statement is going through my mind as our babies, our twins, turn 21.

I remember when they were born.  We had two other daughters and would add a fifth one when our niece came to live with us a few years later.

Five daughters.  I never thought I would get done nursing babies.  I never thought I would get past diapers.  I never thought I would get them all into school.  I never thought I would get them all out of high school – 15 straight years of having kids in high school seemed like an eternity.

And here we are with three grown and flown and the last two halfway through college and turning 21.

When did we get this old?


Our babies have turned 21!

KJ First Day of K 07 07 1998

It seems like yesterday that they went to Kindergarten.

KJ Last Day of High School 06 01 2011

In the blink of an eye, they were off to their last day of high school!

KJ on J Movein day 2011

And we were moving them into college!

KJ Geared Up

We’ve been on adventures together.

Jacci in Argentina10

And they’ve been on adventures on their own.

Katy Mothers Day 2013

They are interesting people with interesting hobbies.

Our five girls and their food babies

All five girls are good to us, but, more importantly they are good to one another.

I come from a family where it is normal for everyone to be suspicious and critical of one another; therefore, I worked hard to provide an environment where they would not only learn mutual respect for one another, but would also love to be together.

2002 Christmas Cards

They are strong women.

2009 Christmas Cards

They are smart women who are beautiful inside and out and who also love to have fun.

Yes, our babies are having fun on this their 21st birthday weekend.


Last Christmas, their three older sisters gave them a trip to Las Vegas for their birthday.

Let’s hope that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The trick is growing up without growing old.
~ Casey Stengel

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