Let’s Party!

We were invited to a party last Friday night.  It was at our daughter and son-in-law’s house.  They were celebrating the completion of their bathroom remodels.  A few short years ago, they were attending college parties.  Now they have a party for bathroom remodeling.  It’s funny how things change, isn’t it?

They have owned a home for a little over 2 years now.  It is in the same neighborhood in which I grew up.  In fact, it’s about 10 houses away from the house where I once lived!

These homes are all around 45 years old and, as you might expect, in need of some updating.  Our kids have slowly, but surely been painting, putting in new flooring, and, most importantly working on updating their very outdated bathrooms.  Remember harvest gold tubs, sinks, and toilets?  They had a series of water leaks that put their bathroom remodeling projects on the fast track.  They couldn’t even use the shower in the master bath.

In honor of finishing the last bathroom, they decided to have an open house to celebrate.  The house was spotless and charming (and the beds were even made!).

Even the real estate agent, Stella, and her husband, Greg, showed up!  Stella has helped many of our family members with real estate.

Here is a tour of the bathroom remodels.

A makeup table and artwork adorn the corner where a non-functional closet used to be.  Our daughter is very artistic.  She is able to combine colors and objects and make things look beautiful!

Just enough room for double sinks.  I love the material they chose for the countertops.

The toilet and shower are now functional!  The material for the shower is the same as the countertops and it looks like it will be easy to maintain and clean!

The sink in the 2nd full bathroom.  I love the mirror over the sink.

The tub with the new tile.  This bathroom used to have quite a harvest gold glow before the remodel!

The downstairs half bath was their DIY project.  It’s off the game room, and it is really cute!  Yes, that is a Guinness poster in the bathroom.

My son-in-law’s uncle is in construction and helped with the master bath remodel.  Here he is with my daughter and son-in-law.

The kids experienced working with a contractor, dealing with “hidden” issues (and the extra charges that result), and learning a little DIY on these three projects.  My son-in-law is not overly handy (yet), but he is learning.  He learned a lot about demolition on these projects.  Can you say cast iron bathtub?  Can you say sledge hammer?  Did I ever tell you that he is a 7th grade comm arts teacher?  Huh?

Helping them celebrate the completion of these projects reminded us of the many homeowner projects we have tackled over the years.  Like the kitchen remodel that wasn’t completed until just before the birth of our middle child.  Or the major bathroom leak that occurred while I was in the hospital giving birth to her.

Ah, the memories!

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