Snow, More Snow, and a Snow Bunny

A little more than a week ago and a few days after the official start of Spring, we had one of the largest March snowfalls on record in the St. Louis area.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 1

The day before, the temperatures reached nearly 60 degrees.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 2

But, early in the morning, the snow started to fall.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 3

 Once it started falling, it came quickly.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 4

There was lightning and thunder.  Thunder snow!

Snow Day 03 24 2013 5

It was a wet, heavy snow.  Perfect for building snowmen and snow forts.  And tearing down tree limbs.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 6

Hard and heavy to shovel.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 7

We shoveled several times over the two-day period that it lasted.  Over six hours of shoveling snow the first day.  Followed the next day by another couple of hours of shoveling snow.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 8

The snow lasted all day, into the night, and into the next day, too.

Snow Day 03 24 2013 9

Last year at this time, we were already cutting grass and putting in flowers and the garden.

This heavy snowstorm was not considered a blizzard because there were no winds.  Thank goodness for that!

All of this occurred during the week that we were trying to move out of this house.  I can tell you one thing, we will not miss shoveling large driveways nor will we miss cutting a ½-acre yard.

Bunny March 2013

But, we will miss our garden.  This baby bunny survived the snow storm  and was sitting in the garden bed next to a large snow drift waiting for something to eat.

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