This was an eventful year for us.

Rachel with her new diploma 05 05 2012

Our middle child graduated from college and moved away from home.

Three down, two to go.

We decided to downsize and put our house on the market.  That’s a work in progress.

Jacci and Katy's Bday

In August 2012, our babies turned 20.

Our babies are 20 years old.


I remember when they were infants thinking that we would never, ever sleep through the night again.  But we did.

Until they became teenagers and college students.  Now we are thinking we will never, ever sleep through the night again.

I remember when they were infants thinking that there would never be an end to breastfeeding and diaper changing.  I thought we would never get them all into school and graduated from high school.

But we did.

And now we are down to just two in college.  And they are almost halfway done!

For the first time since 1996, we no longer have any teenagers in our home.

That’s the most mind boggling thought of all for this past year.  17 straight years living with teenagers.

I think that deserves some type of award.

Thanksgiving 2011

This picture was taken over Thanksgiving 2011 which was the last time all five of our girls were together.

For the next 7½ months, they will all be twentysomethings.

In March 2013, our oldest child will turn 30.

I’m still wrapping my head around that one.

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