Freaky Family Fun, Days Nine and Ten (On The Road Again)

The first half of our adventure was hot.  Very hot.  Triple digit heat hot.  I traveled by air from St. Louis to Portland, Oregon.  My sister and her two teenagers picked me up at the airport, and we traveled by car from Portland to Eagan, Minnesota, to visit my other sister and her husband.  1,795 miles by air.  1,814 miles by car.

The night before we left Minnesota to return to Oregon, the weather broke.  We started a fire in the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores.  Yummy.

You can tell that we were having Freaky Family Fun.

Our two DSHs met up with us in Minnesota for a few days and returned home.

My sisters and my niece on our last day together in Minnesota.

The Freaky Family Fun travelers ready to start the second half of our adventure.

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