A Summer Adventure

Mama’s Empty Nest Summer Adventure Lyrics
(sung to The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fun-filled trip,
That starts from St. Louis MO
Aboard Southwest’s airship.

The mate is a mighty Midwest mom,
Her sister brave and sure.
The travelers leave Portland,
For a twelve day tour, a twelve day tour.

The countryside will be pretty,
The Subaru will sail,
If not for the two Quick teenagers,
The trip would be lonely, the trip would be lonely.

The loaded car will end up in the land of the Vikings,
With Mama G,
And Mary too,
The teenage boy and his sis,

We’ll visit with
Our sis, Diane, and her birthday boy,
In Eagan, Minnesota.

So this is the tale of our great trip,
We’re gone for a long, long time,
Our hubbies, too, will arrive,
It’s an adventure.

With Mama and Mary too,
Who’ll do their very best,
To help us all have some fun,
As we cross the continent.

With phones and computers,
We’ll try to stay in touch,
With Internet access,
We’re thankful as can be.

So join us here each day my friends,
We hope to make you smile,
As we travel through many States,
Here on Mama’s Empty Nest.

Note:  Yes, I will be traveling through July 16 so my posts may or may not appear on my regular Monday through Friday schedule, and they may appear at random times of the day or night, but I am looking forward to sharing my pictures and experiences as I travel by air and car across 11 States with my sister and her two teenage children to visit another sister and her husband who is celebrating his birthday (he may or may not be turning 65).  Stay tuned!

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