The Move to Adulthood – A Series of Firsts

This past weekend, we moved our middle child to her first home as a full-fledged adult.


She’s been so excited about this new chapter in her life.  When I’ve teased her about staying and living at home with us, she’s been adamant that she’s ready to move onto life on her own.

She’s been almost indignant about it.  Like – why would she want to live at home with her parents?  I’ve tried to not be too sensitive about it – this is the goal, after all.  Birthing and raising them to be independent adults.

Since graduation, she’s been purging and sorting and collecting and packing.  The morning of the move to another state about 200 miles away, the truck was loaded and ready to roll.

Her first home.

Her first kitchen.

Her first living room.  I remember the days of sparse, used furniture in near empty rooms.

Her first bedroom.

Her first outdoor space.

Complete with her “first pet” – a mama mourning dove sitting on a nest of eggs on her first patio.  Funny that she will get to experience a mama raising her chicks to leave the nest.

After two days of packing and moving and unloading and helping her set up her first home, we said our good-byes.

Before we even got home, I was getting text messages from her.  She was bored and lonely and didn’t know what to do with herself.  I don’t think she anticipated having these emotions.

We had so efficiently gotten everything cleaned and put away that she had nothing to do.  I guess we should have left her to unpack and put away everything.

She was also a little freaked out about spending her first night alone in a strange new place.  Like DSH said when we left – it is a lot different from going away to college.

In a few weeks, she’ll have new routines and new friends and her plate will be full with her new life.

In the meantime, she made her first batch of cookies.

And she made her first breakfast.

She texted these pictures to me.


We’ve texted and talked a lot in a few short hours.  DSH said that this move was harder for him than the ones back and forth to college.  That’s because she has permanently moved away from home.  We know that our times together will be fewer and farther between.

But, she’ll be fine and so will we.

Her first home is a temporary assignment with her first employer.  Next stop in about seven months – moving from Indiana to Colorado.

Yep, in a few months we get to do this all over again!

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