Memorial Day Weekend Madness

We had a jam-packed 3-day Memorial Day weekend of cookin’, cleanin’, and fun.

We said goodbye to a friend who has decided to make a career change and is moving back to her hometown along with her two adorable twin girls and dear sweet hubby.

She is going back to school.  I admire her bravery in making this major move in her life.  She is smart and funny and an asset to the organization to which we both belong.  She will be missed.

We visited our father’s gravesites at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  There are 189,000 graves there, and it is interesting to look at all of the gravestones and imagine the stories of the people buried there.

We celebrated the May birthdays of two friends who have known each other for over 50 years now.  50 years.  Everyone should have friendships that have lasted a lifetime.

We celebrated the birthday of our neighbor, Vito.  He is a young and active 86 years old.  He enjoyed the Angel Food Cake with White Mountain Frosting I made, and, yes, we even sang Happy Birthday!

On Memorial Day, we BBQ’d for our three little girls and their friends.  This will probably be the last family dinner we have with all of them together for a long time.

In between all of this fun, DSH serviced and cleaned cars, powerwashed the patio furniture and paved decking, scrubbed the grill, and worked on the lawn and in the garden.  I cooked and cooked and cooked – two batches of cookies, three batches of homemade ice cream, blackberry jam, Angel Food Cake with icing, and everything for the Memorial Day BBQ.  I threw in some loads of laundry and cleaning around the house for fun.

The youngest two kids have also been workin’ hard and playin’ hard since they came home from college.  Basically, we are livin’ in a 24 / 7 home.

Finally, we have been helping our middle child sort through all of her personal possessions and pack in anticipation of her move away from home.  In 2 days, she will have officially flown the nest.

Words to define the start of our Summer:

Fun.  Crazy.  Chaotic.

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