Moving from student to adult

Our middle child graduated from college a few weeks ago.

It was a proud day for her.  And for us.

She’s looking less like a college student.

And more like a grown up in just a few weeks.

Soon, she will be moving to another state about 3 hours away from home.

We’ve been having great fun getting her ready for life on her own.

We started by going through all of our cabinets and drawers to come up with extra items and those things that we no longer use or need.  My sister in Minnesota did the same.  We killed two (or three) birds with one stone so to speak.  Not only did my sister and I clean out some of our stuff, but we helped my kid get set up with stuff she needed.  We managed to cross a lot of things off her various lists before ever even stepping foot into any store.

Then we started shopping for all of the essentials of building a home.

I hate to shop.  Partly because I am frugal and hate to spend money, but also because it just does not thrill me to go from store to store going through racks and racks and shelves and shelves of stuff.

When I have something to buy, I do a little research.  Then I go out and get it done as quickly as possible.  I haven’t always been that way.  Before children, I used to enjoy looking and buying.  Shopping for shoes with five children in tow will do that to a person.

But, I have to say, that I have really enjoyed shopping with my middle child as she starts her new life as an adult.  Partly, it’s because I am helping her to spend her money rather than ours.

But, also it’s because she has moved beyond the mom doesn’t know anything phase to the mom what do you think I should do about this phase.  I love that she is interested in using my experiences to help her build her new life.

It helps that she is also frugal and has a firm grasp on wants versus needs.  She has done well in college.  She has managed to graduate with no debt and with some savings.  That is helping her to get started in her new life.

It pains her to spend money so she does so thoughtfully.

We are spreading the wealth by shopping at Ikea, Target, WalMart, Sam’s Club, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Her one splurge was on new bedding – isn’t it beautiful?  She can’t wait to make her bed in her new apartment.

Our dining room is piling up with boxes and bags and the stuff of her new life.  In less than two weeks, she will be officially and completely off the family dole.  She will move from dependent child to independent adult.  We’ll see her less and spend less time with her.

As DSH says, “Three down, two to go.”  We are thrilled to be down to two.  Two kids.  You know.  Where most people start.

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