What We Can Learn About Art From Nature

As I walked around my yard the other day, I took some pictures of the various flowers and flowering plants, my herbs, and my little vegetable garden.

Red and white geraniums.

I plant geraniums in the pots by my front door each year.  I usually plant red and white ones, but I have planted the salmon colored ones the last few years.  My oldest daughter told me one time, when she was a little girl, that she didn’t like these flowers because I always had them by the front door.

Stella D’Oro daylillies.

I love yellow flowers.  I’ve never really worn yellow or used it in my home, but I love yellow flowers.  There’s just something about the shades of yellow in flowers that you cannot seem to replicate in paint or fabric.

I love the aroma of the lilacs and other flowering bushes in my front planting beds.  I can smell them when I walk out of my house each day.

Wave petunias.

I have always planted petunias each Spring and I love the way the Wave Petunias spill over the pots alongside my garage.

Yellow pansy.

I posted a collage of my flowers on my timeline on Facebook and someone commented about how pansies look like little faces.

Purple pansies.

I went to Germany in February with my sister nearly 20 years ago.  We visited a WWII Memorial that looked out over a valley and a river – I cannot even remember the name of the town, but it was cold and beautiful and the beds were filled with pansies.  I always think of that place when I look at my pansies.

When I look at the beauty of nature, I understand why people crave beauty not just in nature but in that which we create as humans with minds and imaginations and thoughts and feelings.

What would this world be like without flowers and trees and lakes and rivers and oceans and mountains and deserts?  What would this world by like without art and literature and poetry and music?

When my kids were little, I remember how amazed they were by the sounds of airplanes in the sky, caterpillars, the smell of flowers, and chirping of the birds.  You know.  The things that we forget about as we get older and too busy to notice.

That is why I try to notice the sights and smells and tastes and sounds and feel of the things that exist in my own little space around me on this planet.  It is the gift of these things in nature that allows us to appreciate not only natural art, but also the arts that we create.

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