Mother’s Day

Honestly, I wish we could switch Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  May is always such a busy month, and it seems like we end up cramming all sorts of holidays together on Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day ends up becoming diluted with all sorts of other events so that the mother (that is me) ends up doing a normal day’s work.

By June, things have calmed down, and Father’s Day gets undivided attention.  Doesn’t seem quite fair to me.

Someday, it would be nice to have a day completely dedicated to being a mother with all the associated attention, pampering, and stuff.  I’m not holding my breath.

We had nine for breakfast on Mother’s Day this year.

That is because we had four extra college girls staying with us.  They had a wedding for a sorority sister to attend the night before for which DSH and I were DDs (designated drivers).

I love these girls.  They are so smart and so funny and so much fun to be around.  Oh, and I got to learn some stuff about my kid that I didn’t know until I was driving four of them to our home after the wedding reception.

Sunday morning, DSH and I got up early to prepare a nice breakfast for them so that they would be ready to head home safely.

My son-in-law brought stuff to make Mimosas, and they were yummy.

Some replacement kitchen items that I needed.

I have a strategy, which I have employed the last few years, when it comes to buying me gifts for holidays.  I have found that hints and tips do NOT work.  They are too subtle.  Husbands and children require a more direct approach.

So I do a number of things.  One of them is to buy what I want and put the items on DSH’s dresser with a note to the effect – “this would make a nice gift for [name your holiday here}.”  Magically, they reappear, usually wrapped, on the designated day.

Another strategy is to place an order form for the desired item on DSH’s sink.  This works well.

A Joseph Joseph rolling pin.

A final strategy is to send a link to a designated item to DSH’s work email.  (I don’t use his personal email because he only opens it a few times a month.)  This works, too.

Some Nike Comfort Sole sandals.

Sometimes, they do manage to surprise me.  I mentioned that I was interested in these sandals after one of my daughter’s sorority sisters (thanks Katy!) had me try on hers.  They are so comfortable.  The girls were worried that I wouldn’t like them because I do not wear pink, but they are so comfortable, I don’t care about the little bit of pink on them!

After breakfast, the kids all scattered, and DSH and I cleaned the kitchen, took care of a few chores around the house, went to see a movie (Marvel’s The Avenger’s – loved it), and ended the day grilling some burgers and hot dogs and eating outside for the first time this season.

All in all it was a great day, a great weekend, and I hated to see it end.  Even though it was crazy busy, and I am still exhausted, it was tons of fun.

Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love a nice, quiet day of pampering though.

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