A Weekend of Cookin’

This past weekend was a busy one in our home!  We had extra kids staying with us all weekend and lots of activities going on.  I spent most of the weekend cooking.

Fortunately, I had lots of help washing dishes.  I would really like to know how many dishes I have washed in my lifetime.  I take that back.  Maybe I don’t.  My favorite part of cookin’ is having someone else doing the dishes!

I was cookin’ to feed my own kids plus the extra ones that we had coming and going.  As a result, I have no new recipes to share only some good old standbys that have served me well in the past and which I turned to for feeding the masses.

Friday night, as everyone was on their way out the door to the baseball game, we grabbed some sandwiches from a local Jimmy John’s.  Yes, I didn’t cook on Friday night or should that be No, I didn’t cook on Friday night?  Whatever.  I didn’t cook on Friday night.  There.  Friday nights are supposed to be my “night off” from cookin’.

While everyone else went to the game, I stayed home and watched a few movies.  That is my kind of evening.  And it was the only peace and quiet I had the entire weekend!

On Saturday morning, I made Ree Drummond’s (The Pioneer Woman) Blackberry Cobbler.  (I included the link for the recipe that is posted on her Tasty Kitchen website, but the recipe is also included in her first cookbook).  This is a super easy recipe and oh so good.  It calls for self rising flour, but if you don’t have any on hand you can easily use all-purpose flour.  For each cup of all-purpose flour, add 1¼ teaspoons of baking powder and ¼ teaspoon of salt.

Blackberries are in season right now, and our local grocery store has been running a great deal on them.  I’ve been too busy to make some jam (we’re on our last jar!), but I have enough berries in the freezer to make a big batch some day soon!  I love blackberries, and I served the warm cobbler with some ice cream for breakfast.  Yes, I did.  And the kids loved it.

Then I made a batch of Cauliflower Soup.  (Yes, this is another one of Ree Drummond’s recipes.)  I had some cauliflower left over from the previous weekend’s grad party and needed to use it up.  I had the soup recipe sitting in my copy holder waiting for the opportunity to try it out.  Here is what I did differently.  I took a few cups of the soup and blended it until smooth so that the soup was creamy but still had some nice pieces of cauliflower in it.  I did not mix the sour cream into the entire batch of soup, but rather I put a dollop of sour cream in each bowl when serving.

The Cauliflower Soup along with some Hot Artichoke Dip and crackers, and Restaurant Style Salsa (try Ree’s salsa, you will never buy the pre-made stuff again) and chips made a great meal for the college girls who were in town to attend a wedding.  They went to the church ceremony in the morning and then had a few hours to kill before the reception.  What better way to pass the time then by sharing a meal and snacks around our kitchen table!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, but we had nine mouths to feed!  DSH and I made a big breakfast for the kids before they all headed out.

Fresh Fruit Salad – I make fruit salads all Summer long.  I use a variety of fruits, in season, cut into bite-sized pieces, and sprinkled with a little sugar or Splenda.  If I use bananas or apples, I add them at the last minute so they are perfectly fresh.

Doughnut muffins – they take only a few minutes to make and taste like cake doughnuts without all of the work.

My son-in-law brought the fixins’ for Mimosas and they were yummy!  Thanks, Ryan!

Sunday morning (Mother’s Day) menu:
Fresh Fruit Salad
Doughnut Muffins
Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns (not homemade)
Toasted English Muffins with homemade jams
Crispy Fried Bacon and Sausage Links

It was a wonderful meal that was a lot of fun to share with the 6 college girls, my son-in-law, and DSH.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Spread.

We did not go out for dinner on Mother’s Day.  I am not a fan of going out on holidays, fighting hordes of people (I have a thing about crowds), for an over-priced mediocre meal.

Here was our Mother’s Day dinner menu:
Fresh Fruit Salad (yes, I made enough for 2 meals)
Lettuce Salad with homemade Ranch Dressing
Homemade Onion Strings
Grilled Best Basic Burgers and Hot Dogs
Homemade Burger Buns

Three days of chaos and cookin’.  It was a wild weekend, and I was sad when it ended although I have to admit that I have been enjoying the peace and quiet the last few days.

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