Happy Birthday to Dear Sweet Hubby

Dear sweet hubby celebrated a birthday this week.  May is always a crazy month with end of school year stuff for the kids, graduations, birthdays, our anniversary, and, oh, Mother’s Day, too.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

Here is a picture of DSH just before his first birthday.  Isn’t he a cute, chubby baby?  What you can’t see in this picture is his gorgeous red hair.  I love red heads.

DSH was the second born of four kids.  My mother-in-law tells the story that if he had been her firstborn, she may have reconsidered her decision to have more children.  Apparently, he cried a lot.  After a lot of failed attempts to determine what was the matter, they discovered that he slept well with a fan blowing on him.  To this day, he likes to have the fan on when he is sleeping.

I find this story to be hilarious because DSH is the most easy-going person I have ever met.  He is in no way demanding or high maintenance.  I guess he got it all out of his system when he was a baby.

Here he is on his 13th birthday with his siblings.  You know that because there is a big “13” on his birthday cake.  And look at that lovely red hair!

Here he is the following year on his 14th birthday.  Yes, everyone wore a suit on their birthday in 1970.

He was a freshman in high school then.  I would meet him the following year when I went to the same high school.  I knew who he was before he knew who I was.  He had a locker across the hall from mine.  It would take me 6 months to build up the courage to walk across that narrow space and introduce myself to him.  He was an older man after all!

Here he is on his birthday last year when he turned the double nickel.  I had to use this picture because we totally forgot to light candles and sing happy birthday to him this year.

Oh, and did I mention he has the dreamiest blue eyes?  They make me melt inside.

Usually I make birthday meals around here, but this year we decided to go to one of our favorite spots to have pizza.

Happy birthday to Dear Sweet Hubby!  I’m glad you’re a year older than me again!

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