50,000 and Counting

I continue to have great fun writing my blog which I do five days a week.  Apparently, I have a lot to say because I usually have about 2 dozen posts, in various stages of development, sitting in my queue.

But, while the writing part is my favorite, there are other things to do when managing a website.  There’s design and updates and plug-ins and managing spam and spammers.  I’m learning a lot, and one of the things I get a kick out of doing is watching my Site Stats.  I can tell what search terms are getting people to my site.  I can see how many people pinned stuff and what they pinned to Pinterest.  I can see if they got to my site from a Facebook link, a Google search, or in some other ways.  It’s really quite fascinating.

This past week, I passed 50,000 hits on my site.  That excludes spam and visits by me to my own site.  I average over 100 hits per day, and my number one day was Saturday, April 7, 2012, with 362 hits – a day without an actual post, but which followed my post on those cute deviled egg chicks and hot cross buns for Easter week.  I guess there’s just something about cute food that people can’t resist.

Thank you all for visiting my site, for all of your comments, and for sharing my posts with others.

Special note: Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Jana, and to my niece, Sara.  I love you guys!

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