A Day of Good News Over a Lifetime

After a weekend of worrying, I got a call from my sister with really good news.  My dear, sweet, brother-in-law, who is battling cancer, did not have the bad infection that we were afraid he had and his cancer markers are looking really good.  I could hear the smile in my sister’s voice.  And this made me very happy.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my BIL.  He doesn’t like it, but I think it shows his personality.

Later in the morning, I heard from a friend who has children who are the same ages as my kids.  She is getting ready to send her youngest to college in the Fall, and she is pregnant!

For some reason, receiving these two pieces of news back-to-back reduced me to tears.  They were tears of happiness.  But the irony was not lost on me.

It made me think about the different types of good news we receive over the decades of our lives.

When we were young, we would get good news about new jobs and marriages and pregnancies and new babies and these were the reports that would make us happy.

When we got a little older, we would share the joy of the successes of our children and our friend’s children.  For many years, it seemed like everything revolved around the kids.  As parents, the good news about our kids and our friend’s kids would make us happy.

Our twins high school graduation day.

Now that we are a little older, the reports that make us happy are a little different.  We rejoice when friend’s children get married and friend’s become grandparents and our children graduate from college and become independent adults.  We are thrilled when those we know and love get good news about medical tests and serious medical conditions.

Some of us experience these days of good news in a slightly different order, but mostly our experiences follow a chronological order.  The chronology of life.

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