The Party’s Over

Today, our empty nest days are over for the Summer.  It’s going to be a busy few months for us.

It’s hard to believe that our babies are now finished with their first years of college, and we are bringing home all of the stuff (and more) that we just moved a few short months ago.

In one week’s time, we will pick up our youngest two kids from their respective colleges and bring them and all of their stuff home for the Summer.

Leaving new friends for the Summer . . .

I read an article a few weeks ago that basically said that the hardest stage of parenting is the one you are in at the moment.  Having kids at this stage is a double-edged sword.  You miss them when they are gone, and they drive you crazy when they are home.  Mainly because they are on vastly different sleep / wake schedules.  The resulting sleep deprivation experienced by parents is like having babies again.

can be very hard.

But it’s hard on the kids, too.  They are used to coming and going as they please.  They are used to spending all of their time with their new friends.  They are used to having their own schedules and making their own decisions.  Leaving the school and the friends that they love for the Summer can be very hard.  Re-adjusting to house rules is difficult – for them and for us.

As parents, the goal is to raise your kids to grow up and become independent adults, and then they actually do grow up and become independent.  And they move away from home.

We made a quick trip to our middle child’s college to pack up her big stuff and return it home.

Our middle child will graduate from college next Saturday, and we made a quick trip to visit her and move a few of her larger items home.  Seems like yesterday that we moved her into her first college dorm room.

We took her out to lunch to the local favorite pizza place for lunch, and we toured the campus one last time.  We drove by her first dormitory.  We drove by the building where she will graduate.  We drove up the street where we watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade a few short weeks ago.

She will be home for less than a month before starting her life as a full-fledged adult.  This means she will be moving away from home.  She will have her own health insurance.  She will be paying her own cell phone bills.

But for now, our home is alive with the sounds of the washer and dryer and the sounds of our daughter laughing with two of her friends from college who already came to visit.

Next weekend our home will be filled with college kids celebrating with each other.  It will be noisy and crazy fun and tiring all at the same time.

Maybe I shouldn’t say the party’s  over, maybe I should say that the party is just getting started!

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