What’s Cookin’ – Easy Homemade Hash Browns

A few weeks ago, I bought a bag of potatoes.  I only needed a few potatoes, but it was cheaper to buy a 10 pound bag than it was to buy a smaller bag or to buy them individually.

I have this problem.  I call it Depression-era syndrome.  I was not alive during the Great Depression, but my grandparents and my mother-in-law were.  When they found a deal at the grocery store, they would buy it even if they didn’t need it.  I tend to do the same thing.

The problem is, however, that once there are only two of you to cook for you run the risk of wasting good food.  That’s the other side of this issue – I hate to waste stuff especially food.  I can still hear my mother telling us kids, who didn’t want to eat what she had prepared, “Think of the starving kids in Biafra.”  (Biafra was a secessionist state of Nigeria that existed from 1967 until early 1970.  Children there suffered malnutrition and starvation due to a Nigerian blockade during their civil war.)

I have a friend who tells me that I amaze her with my ability to come up with meals with very few ingredients or when it appears that I have very few things in the frig and pantry.

So, I had a few pounds of potatoes to use up before they went bad.  I made Hamburger & Potato Casserole, mashed potatoes to go with Grilled Whole Chicken Halves (I had a whole roaster in my freezer that I had also purchased on sale), and some homemade hash browns for Sunday breakfast.

Homemade hash browns are very easy to prepare.  It’s much cheaper to make them from scratch, and it doesn’t really take that much more time than buying the pre-shredded potatoes.  The beauty is that you can easily make just as many or as few as you need – just use one medium potato per person.

Easy Homemade Hash Browns ingredients.  If you don’t have picky eaters like I do, you could add some peppers.

There are only a few ingredients.  After peeling and shredding the potatoes, toss them with the onion, salt, and pepper.

You do have to boil the potatoes in their jackets until cooked and allow them to cool before shredding them.  This step can be done the night before.

Melt the butter in a 10-inch, non-stick, sauté pan over medium heat.  Add the potatoes leaving an edge around the pan.

It is very important at this step that you do not mess with the potatoes.  Let them sauté, undisturbed, for 8 to 10 minutes until nice and golden brown.

Turn over and sauté for another 8 to 10 minutes until nice and golden brown on the other side.

Easy Homemade Hash Browns – ready to eat.

Sunday breakfast for DSH – a scrambled egg, 2 sausage links, whole wheat toast, a Clementine, and some lovely homemade hash browns.


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