If you have a friend or relative living with cancer or other major health issue, then you may be familiar with the website.  We currently know 3 people, who are living with cancer, that we are following on this site.  I just cannot say enough about this service.

Using this site allows patients and family members to post updates on their loved ones, and it allows friends to post comments in the guestbook.  It provides a way for the patient and family to provide one point of contact thus alleviating the burden of telling their story and giving updates over and over again.

We have a friend from church who is currently battling stage 3 esophageal cancer.  We call him and his wife our “church pew friends.”  He had an esophagectomy in September.  His esophagus was removed and his stomach was elongated to take its place.  This particularly ugly form of cancer (and they are all ugly, I know) requires the patient to eat and drink in spite of overwhelming nausea, pain, and tiredness.  This tall, robust man now struggles to consume 2,000 calories a day yet he remains a faith filled person who still tries to pray at least an hour a day.

The second person whom I am following is a 42-year old mother of young twins who is battling metastatic breast cancer.   We are both members of the local parents of twins club.  This is round 2 in her battle with breast cancer.  Her condition is not curable; however, it can be treated.  She was in partial remission for almost a year, but was recently diagnosed with the cancer in the  bone marrow.  She is a model of faith and many people are praying for her.

At our October dinner meeting, we all dressed in pink and had our picture taken in honor of our friend and fellow twin mom.  Note: photo courtesy of another twin, mom, Carrie.  Thanks Carrie!

Finally, my cousin recently battled what her oncologist described as “garden variety” breast cancer.  Garden variety cancer – interesting phraseology.  She is now on the mend.  She, too, is an optimistic person of great faith.  The phrase on her team shirt, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13.

This is a picture of her from nearly 2 years ago.  It was not too long after this that she found a lump in her breast and a few months after that before the diagnosis.  I saw her a few weeks ago, and she looks great.  In fact, she looks the same as this picture only her hair is now curly.

We should all be so brave and faith filled as these people who are battling for their very lives.

Note: CaringBridge does not know who I am, and they are not paying me to mention anything about them.

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