A Tour of Local Microbreweries or A Day in the Life of an Empty Nester

We have been empty nesters for about five months.  Less than that if you count the time the kids have been home from college for Christmas and Spring Breaks.

In that amount of time, however, we have established a routine.  A routine that does NOT include carting kids all over creation.  Some people dread this time of their lives.  After raising five kids, we are embracing it.

In less than two weeks, kids start coming home from college, and our newfound routines will be disrupted.

We have seen more movies in the last few months than we have seen in over 25 years.  We actually sit down each night after dinner and watch television.  We have been reading more and working out more and doing some of the things that we’ve been unable to do with kids around.  Like snuggle more.

This whole empty nest thing is still a work in progress for us though.  Our middle child is graduating from college and starting her new life as a full-fledged adult by early June, but our youngest two still have three years of college left.  So, we will continue to be part-time empty nesters for the next few years or so.

In the meantime, one of the things we have enjoyed doing is visiting new places and eating at restaurants we have never been to before.  Our son-in-law recognized this when he gave his dad and DSH their Christmas present this past year – an afternoon visiting various local microbreweries.

This past weekend, Ryan, our son-in-law, made good on his Christmas gift by taking his dad, my DSH, his brother, and a few of his friends out for some specialty beer tasting.

My son-in-law, Ryan, at the last stop of the day, Schlafly Tap Room.

They went to Six Row Brewing, Buffalo Brewing Company, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.  They ended the afternoon at Schlafly Tap Room where I met up with them for a bite to eat before driving the DSH home for the evening.

Charcuterie Plate at Urban Chestnut features German sausages from G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company.

They ate and drank their way around town.

DSH at the fire hydrant drinking fountain.

And apparently they all got a great kick out of the drinking fountain attached to the fire hydrant.  Things like this are immensely more humorous after one has had a few beers.

We were busy with the kids when they were still at home, and we are finding that we are keeping just as busy doing things without them, too.

We really enjoyed being involved parents.  Our kids are good students, fun to be around, and hard workers.  We are proud of them, and we are proud of the job we did raising them.  But our job raising them is, for the most part done, and now we are really enjoying being busy doing new things without them, too.

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