What’s Cookin’ – Trading Cheesecakes for Lawn Care

It’s nice to have friendly neighbors that will look after our home when we are gone.  When we went on our Spring Break trip, our neighbor, Tim, looked after our house, fed The Cat That Won’t Die, and even cut our lawn.  It helps that he owns a lawn care service.

Tim (and his other half,  Susan) have two large dogs.  Susan was working in Brazil so Tim was on his own for a  few weeks.

Tim with Maggie.  Maggie is the friendliest 100-pound dog you will ever meet.  When she sees you, she comes running to greet you.  Sometimes I’m afraid she’s going to knock me over, but she always stops just in time.

Tim with Ginger.  Ginger is also a sweet dog.  The two of them often ride in the truck with Tim.

When we got home, I went to pay Tim for cutting our lawn (which he did twice).

He refused to take money from me.  He asked if I would make him two (one for each lawn cutting) cheesecakes.  He loves cheesecake.

I agreed.  Seemed like a really good deal to me.

Cheesecake Like Sara Lee’s.

I have two different cheesecake recipes posted on my blog.  Cheesecake is NOT one of my favorite desserts.  I find most of them to be too dense and heavy on the stomach.  I posted my Cheesecake Like Sara Lee’s because it is a light and slightly tangy cheesecake.  Tim really liked it.

The other cheesecake recipe that I have posted is Cheesecake with Port Wine Ganache made in ramekins.  This is a knock-off recipe from one that is served in a restaurant we like.  Tim does not drink or smoke.  I knew he wouldn’t like the Port Wine flavoring in the ganache.  So I made it as a whole cheesecake with a simple ganache topping and have included the recipe below.  You can refer to the original post for the complete step-by-step.

Cheesecake with Ganache Topping – ingredients.

Graham Cracker Crust lined springform pan.

Cheesecake that has been baked and covered in the ganache topping.

Cheesecake With Ganache Topping – ready to eat.

This is a denser cheesecake than the Cheesecake Like Sara Lee’s – two totally different versions.  Both yummy.  Tim really liked this cheesecake, too.

The biggest problem was that Tim wouldn’t share them with Susan.  I might have to make a third one so she can get a piece!

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