Baker’s Dozen – Signs That Your Child Has Actually Become an Adult

Our New Year’s Day 2013 started with a move.  Our middle child, who was on temporary assignment in Indiana, made her official permanent move away from our family home to her new home 1,400 miles away in Arizona.  (Three down, two to go).  That made me think of . . .

Signs That Your Child Has Actually Become an Adult

1)  You have a newly and completely empty room in your home.

Rachel's Empty Room 2012

Our daughter’s old, pink room is now empty.

2)  Their extra stuff is no longer stored in your basement.

Rachel Move Loading the Truck

Packing for the big move from the Midwest to northern Arizona.

3)  They have possession of all of their personal papers including their Social Security card and immunization records.

4)  They call someplace else “home”, and they have become a “guest” when they are in your home.

5)  Their new residence looks more like a home than a college dorm room.

Rachel Bedroom in Flagstaff

Our daughter’s new bedroom is decidedly more adult looking than her old, pink room.

6)  They pay for their own utilities and have their own Internet.

Rachel Desk in Flagstaff

Oh, the challenges (and stress) of setting up utilities, including Internet, for the first time.

7)  They have moved away from their favorite color of childhood (pink) to more grownup color schemes (teal, plum, & gray).

Rachel Living Room in Flagstaff

We had fun helping our middle child spend her money on things for her new home.

8)  They own their own power tools.

9)  They no longer use your address to get their mail.

10)  They have an adult job with benefits.

Rachel Stream Picture

Our daughter is an environmental engineer and this is a picture of a stream that she helped to design as one of her reclamation projects.

11)  They are no longer covered on your health insurance.

12)  You no longer can claim them as a dependent on your income taxes.

Rachel Kitchen in Flagstaff

We love that she has decorated her new home with some of her daddy’s, grandparent’s and great grandparent’s things – DSH’s A-B beer box, my father’s old engineering books, my grandmother’s old doll lamp, and DSH’s father’s old tube radio.

13)  You no longer pay their cell phone bill.

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