Spring has sprung.  Well, Spring actually started here while it was still Winter.  Yes, we were cutting our lawn here in March.  While it was still Winter.

The weather on Easter weekend was beautiful and warm so we decided to head over to the garden centers of our local stores.

All of the plants were already in the stores.  Early.  We went a little crazy.  Before I knew it, we had bought and planted flowers and most of our garden.

Too early.  We had to cover our baby plants last night, and will probably have to do so again tonight.  But, after that, it looks like we will be home free for the next 10 days.

We may have tomatoes to eat in early June.


DSH loves working outside, and he loves having a nice looking lawn.

We cut grass.  Twice.  In the same day.

We cut our grass three times in less than a week.

You can see the alternating patterns of the grass cuts.

DSH is the Felix Unger of grass cutting.

Everyone needs a hobby.

The best part of spending two days on our lawn was being outside and working together for a shared purpose.  Working together brings us closer together.  Sometimes, I think doing something like this, that we enjoy, and where we can see the beautiful fruits of our labor is more exciting than going out on a special date night.

Except for the sore muscles the next day.


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