A Visit to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

While we vacationed on The Gulf Coast of Mississippi, we took the time to visit Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Bay St. Louis lampposts along Beach Boulevard include the name of the town.

DSH’s Daddy and his Daddy’s family are from Mississippi.  (I talked about my father-in-law here).  DSH’s Daddy attended an all-boys Catholic day and residency school, St. Stanislaus College, in Bay St. Louis.  This school was founded in 1854 and is a college preparatory school for grades 6 through 12.  Yes, the name says “college” but it’s a college prep school.

Standing in front of St. Stanislaus College.

The last time DSH visited this area, he was a young boy.  In spite of the area being devastated by Hurricane Katrina, many of the original buildings remain.  New buildings are adjacent to the old ones.

The Statue of St. Stanislaus in the plaza.

The statue and plaza were dedicated in 2010 by members of the Class of 1956.  DSH’s Daddy attended this school in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  Visiting the school brought back a lot of memories for DSH – bittersweet since his Daddy went to heaven in 1980.  My sister-in-law told me that one of the chores their Daddy had at school was milking the cows.

The pier includes a walkway across the road from the plaza of St. Stanislaus.

DSH remembers the pier at St. Stanislaus being a lot longer when he was a young boy.  No one could really tell us if that was true or not, but it is apparent that much of it had to be rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

As we drove along Beach Boulevard, we saw an empty lot which apparently had housed a bank that was washed away during the hurricane.  Only the bank vault remained standing on the site.

200 North Beach restaurant in Bay St. Louis.

We ate at a nice restaurant up the street from St. Stanislaus College.  This building has been around since 1903 and many pictures of Bay St. Louis from throughout the 1900s lined the walls.

One of the college women we were with did a service trip to Bay St. Louis after Hurricane Katrina.  She stayed at the church adjacent to St. Stanislaus and worked in the area.

My brother, who was in the insurance industry at the time of Hurricane Katrina, worked all along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi and into Louisiana.

It’s a small world sometimes.

The Bay Bridge picture from Wikipedia taken by John Fleck on October 4, 2005 (FEMA).

The rebuilt Bay Bridge on Highway 90 at night.

It was really nice to combine a memorable visit for my DSH and daughter to St. Stanislaus College with a fun visit to Bay St. Louis.  I’m glad we took the time to do this.

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