Birds at The Beach

I took the following pictures while sitting on The Beach on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi the first day of our Spring Break vacation.

Brown Pelicans.

These large birds are unusually graceful as they fly and swoop into the water to grab the fish swimming in the shallow Gulf water.

Brown Pelicans.

The Brown Pelican dives for fish and is the state bird of Louisiana and one of the mascots of Tulane University.

True story – My father grew up in Chicago.  When he was a young boy, he managed to capture a pelican from the shore of Lake Michigan.  He brought the injured bird home and put it into the basement.  He failed to mention this to his mother, my grandmother, who discovered the bird when she went into the basement to do laundry and was chased around by the angry bird.

This was one of two wildlife stories that my father used to tell us.  The other one involved a captured black snake that was wrapped around the pencil sharpener at school.  It was discovered by his teacher.

Yes, my father’s sense of humor gravitated toward how he could terrorize others for a good laugh.

Brown Pelicans with a Least Tern flying overhead.

It was great fun watching these birds swoop and dive over the water.

Least Tern.

The Least Tern is distinguished from the seagull by its dark head and the fact that is flies over the water looking for food.  These birds actually dive into the water to capture their food.  Seagulls do not dive for their food.  They are scavengers.

Seagulls and Least Tern standing on the edge of the water.

The college girls referred to the seagulls as beach pigeons. 

Egret looking for food.

Egrets wade in shallow water and wait silently for their food which they spear with their bills.  The large plumage is more evident during the breeding season.

I loved sitting on The Beach, playing with my camera, and taking pictures of the wildlife.

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