A Day in the Life of Two Dogs

I spent several days in Minnesota with my sister, my brother-in-law, and their two pooches.

Roxie, the shaggy black creature, is the happiest dog on the planet.  Bailey, or Mr. B. as he is called, has a serious case of little man syndrome.

Yes, they were happy to see me.  It helped that I had a few treats in my hand as I tried to get them to be still for a second to take this picture.

Roxie was my oldest daughter’s college dog.  When we were helping our daughter move out after graduation, Roxie was supposed to move in with another family.  But by the time we were ready to leave, no one had shown up to take her.  I could not bear to leave her in a kennel without knowing if or when someone was going to get her, so we loaded her up and took her back to Texas, where we were living at the time.  That’s why every time I see Roxie, I tell her that I saved her from certain death.

Roxie ended up living with my sister and brother-in-law after their little dog, Annie, passed away.  My brother-in-law loves dogs, and Roxie is the perfect dog.  She is happy and loving and calm.

Bailey, on the other hand, is a little man.  When he sees you, he will love on your leg if you know what I mean.  He protects his family by barking and growling at every delivery truck and car that drives by.  He also protects his family by barking at the wind and leaves blowing across the lawn.

At night, we sat on the couch and watched television and the dogs sat with us.  Bailey is a little lap dog and gets to sit up on the couch.  Roxie, who’s a little bit bigger, lies on the floor, but every once in a while she wants snuggle time, too.

This is what she did.  She went to the window by the door and starting barking.  Bailey jumped down and immediately went into a long-winded round of barking and growling.  There was nothing outside, but while Bailey was barking at nothing, Roxie walked over to the couch, hopped up into the spot previously occupied by the little man, and soaked up on a little lovin’.


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